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​                               More than Just a Painting Company. 
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In 1970, Ether Bledsoe started his house painting company in St. Louis, Mo.  The company quickly grew to have nearly 100 employees while performing its services during the 70's and 80's with a multitude of painting projects including Red Lobster restaurants in Denver, Co., an apartment complex in Dallas, Tx., a hospital in Boston, Ma. and was the original painting contractor of the General Motors plant in Wentzville, Mo.  

Now in its second generation, Bledsoe has evolved into a diversified company offering waterproof roof coatings and building maintenance services.  Our waterproof roof coating system is applied over the existing roof surface and prevents the need to tear-off and replace the existing roof surface.  This translates into tremendous savings in roof replacement costs for the building owner.  Our coatings can be applied over flat, rubber, metal, asphalt and shingle roofs.  We can even tint the coating to any color that you desire.  All of our roof coating applications come with a long term Leak Free Warranty that covers both labor and materials.  






Bledsoe has successfully completed projects for some of the biggest names in American business.  


SBC Corp. (ATT)                               St. Louis Zoo

Anheuser Busch                             St. Louis University

Red Lobster                                     Monsanto

Outback Steakhouse                      Shell Oil

Holiday Inn                                      British Petroleum (BP)

Otterbein College                           Proctor and Gamble

United Parcel Service                     Boeing

Metro-Parks of Columbus             UPS








To sum it up, Bledsoe is more than a painting company - we can protect your investment.  Our services are designed to lower your capital improvement costs relating to roof maintenance and repair.  We also have a full line of interior/exterior paints that are formulated to last for decades and come with Long Term Labor and Material Warranties.

Phone: (877)291-2751


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