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Bledsoe International Announces its True Affordable Housing Program
"We Build on Your Lot"

Bledsoe International's True Affordable Housing Program is an answer to the high cost of housing in the U.S. which has increased 49% in the past ten years.

Bledsoe International (Bledsoe), one of America's oldest black owned construction companies, has entered the new home building arena by offering what the company calls “true” affordable housing.

The Bledsoe True Affordable Housing Program will create for-sale and rental housing units that are priced well below market. The average price of a home has skyrocketed over the past few years where "starter" homes in many locations are priced $300,000 and above. Rental units have also skyrocketed where individuals and families desiring a two-bedroom apartment in many cities commands a monthly payment of over $2000 per month. Add electric, gas, cable and internet - the total monthly cost is even more. In many instances, folks are paying well over half of their monthly income for housing.


The Bledsoe True Affordable Housing Program will create quality homes where property owners and renters will pay a much smaller portion of their income for housing allowing them to save money and create wealth. “We took a hard look at the housing market throughout the country and are disturbed at the reality that too many individuals and families are being financially choked month after month due to the high cost of rent and mortgage payments” says Demetrius Bledsoe the president of Bledsoe International. Furthermore, Bledsoe goes on to say, “the mental strain of coming up with excessive rent or mortgage payments create stress which can put a strain on relationships and effective parenting. We are going to do something about this.”

Bledsoe International is a leading general contracting company having started in 1970 and celebrating over 50 years in business. Bledsoe is considered one of the leading specialty trade contractors in the country specializing in energy-efficient roofing with its waterproof roof coating systems. The company has successfully completed projects in every region of the country for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, small businesses, churches and homeowners.

The Bledsoe International True Affordable Housing Program is Available Nationwide, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Affordable Home 3.jpg

We Build on Your Lot

1,591 Square Feet

Cozy 3 Bedroom - 2 Bath

Affordably Priced

Affordable Home 4.jpg

We Build on Your Lot

1,561 Square Feet

Elegant 3 Bedroom - 2 Bath

Affordably Priced

Luxury Home 1.jpg

Upscale/Luxury Homes Also Available

All Homes Priced Well Below Market

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