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Water Damage Cleanup and Storm Damage Restoration

Don’t let water damage develop into a much bigger and more expensive problem.









Water damage in your home or business can destroy furniture, cabinets, walls, floors and more, but that’s just the beginning of the problem! When flooding is not treated immediately it can lead to moist and humid conditions that toxic mold grows in. Don’t let flood damage develop into a much bigger and more expensive problem. If you have leaks, flooding, leaking, frozen or broken pipes, soggy or swelling cabinets, soaked or wet carpet, wet hardwood floor, sewage backup, garbage disposal leaks, slab leaks or any type of standing water in your home or business, it is important to get a professional there for water cleanup and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Our Water Cleanup & Storm Damage Repair Process

           A trusted service team will be immediately dispatched

           Dispatched service team will inspect and assess the damage

        Water extraction, clean, dry, dehumidify and repair

        Clean and deodorize

       Insurance Coordination

      Complete Project Management

      Nationwide Response Teams

     At Bledsoe Contractors, we can take care of both your water damage cleanup and property restoration needs.

Bledsoe Participated in the Restoration Efforts Following Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Tx., Hurricane Irma in Florida and the Great Flood of 2016 in Baton Rouge, LA.

Bledsoe was contacted immediately after Hurricane Irma damaged the roof to this property near Orlando, Fl. We promptly applied a tarp to the roof and afterwards repaired the damaged soffit and roof. Bledsoe also repainted the exterior of the home and applied a new fence.

Roof Damaged by Hurricane Irma

Roof Repaired After Hurrican Irma

Soffit Damaged by Hurricane Irma


Soffit Repaired After Hurricane Irma


Exterior Painting After Hurricane Irma (Before)


Exterior Painting After Hurricane Irma (In Progress)


Exterior Painting After Hurricane Irma - Completed

The Home Later Won "House of the Month" by the Neighborhood Association

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